Cheap Date Ideas <3 #1: Flying Kites?

Spring season is here with Summer coming up close!!  My boyfriend and I are always looking for something fun to do, but always seem to end up going out to eat.  Which is fun!  Yes, but here in New York City, and anywhere really—– SO EXPENSIVE!!!!  Two weeks ago we went on an innocent date out to eat and ended up spending $80 (after a drink each :x) and decided we needed to draw the line with going out to eat.

“Let’s make food at home to save money, and we can watch movies”.  Fast forward two weeks of this and I’M BORED!!!  It is human nature people, if you work hard, you need to enjoy life hard sometimes.  Staying in bed watching movies for an activity to do together for two weeks straight got mundane shall we say.  So!  No problem, can still save money- but must get a little creative!  So I am bringing to you guys cheap date ideas!  Try them out too and let me know how it goes!  This weeks date idea is….. flying kites!!! Lol!  Tune into the Youtube video to see if he is down to fly kites! lol!