How To Make Smoothies, For Less

Buying smoothies out can really add up, right? Plus if you buy one everyday- $12 multiply by 7 days a week equals $84!!!!!! $84 multiply by 4 for amount of weeks in a month, equals $336!!!! Oh my goodness!!!! That is more than half of my rent for the month!! Yikes!!!! So, I recently invested in the NutraBullet to make smoothies at home to save money. And boy, even making smoothie’s at home can get expensive!! At my local grocery store, each bag of fruit costs $4.99!!! GeeeeWizzzz! So, it is still cheaper to make your own smoothies at home.
Tip #1: Freeze your bananas! Get a Ziplock bag, and break your bananas up into pieces. Best if instead of half, break it up into three or four pieces. I tried half, and when the banana’s are frozen, they really can get hard to make smaller if need to in order to fit the lid on.
Tip #2: Freeze your fresh fruits or vegetables! So I hate wasting money, and I hate wasting food! I love to buy a big thing of spinach, put it in a ziplock bag, and put it in the freezer. It makes buy vegetables less stressful because I don’t feel the pressure the chugg my vegetables asap. It preserves the life of your spinach for two-three weeks instead of three days!
Tip #3: Totally fine to use water as your base! Since you’re freezing your banana’s and spinach, it makes the recipe of your smoothie to not require ice-cubes at all!! Save your money on over-priced almond milk. Just use water as a base! It will not dilute the flavor! It will still come out delicious! Experiment and try out what you like in a smoothie 🙂