Bullet Journal Fail! (But still had fun, so success anyway!)

As I glaze the many blog sites, one thing recently has really caught my attention, BULLET JOURNALING!!!  The adorable little boxes of colors with goals and intentions of motivation had me thinking “yes!!  I want this!!!”  Of course my curiosity sends me on hours of Google investigation of the who, what, where, how, and why’s of Bullet Journaling, I land on the website http://bulletjournal.com, in which they have a really cool video, and explanation of what it is.  It seems to be a goal mapper, planner, to-do list maker, list maker, whatever you want it to be really!  I think “Wow, I can totally make my own!”.  So Amazon Prime I go, within fifteen minutes I order same day delivery and in eight hours, my materials land at my doorstep!!

I immediately open up the package, throw my journal and pens in purse so I can get this started while hanging out at my boyfriend’s apartment.  We watch a movie, I get started on my journal, you know you gotta to be productive!  I immediately botch up the Bullet Journal on the first page, but you what?  I continue because coloring and creating this journal is incredibly therapeutic!

My boyfriend is like “what are you doing?”  I’m like “just planning the future” (nudge, nudge, wink, wink, lol just kidding- but not really).  He thought it looked cool actually, accept the part where I left a marker on his bed without a cap, and it got on his comforter, whoops.  Even though my journal isn’t perfect, it is perfect to me, because I put the love in making this journal.  I had so much fun making it, and that is all that matters 🙂  Go to the site: http://bulletjournal.com, for more explanation- and they sell journals there as well!  You can also find page ideas all over Youtube and Pinterest!  Now, back to figuring out my spending log! 😡