Sorry I’m Late, I Got Caught In Social Media Traffic?

I have to say, it is embarrassing how much time I waste online!  I’m almost late almost everyday due to my comfort of mindlessly browsing social media cites!  I am naturally curious, so having the ability to fact check everything in the world is truly amazing!  Social media is beneficial, but if used too much, can definitely almost a toxic relationship to your life goals!  SO!  Let’s figure out how to put our foot down and use social media for the positive!

Having a goal and actually doing it brings so much great fulfillment.  So why do we post pone them?  Procrastinate?  It’s funny to think at all of the time we spend on social media- using our brain power on the good ole’ FB and other social media outlets?  Is social media addiction a real thing?  Yes!  As humans, we can be addicted to anything-  if you do it frequent enough and your brain can find a reward response (negative or positive).  If you can make a habit on going on social media, you can make a habit of NOT going on social media!

Starting this Sunday, join me in changing my habit of using social media!  First, you need to become aware of your habits.  Be mindful of your habits by starting a log of your habits.  Whenever you find yourself or is itching to go on social media, jot it down with the time!  And think to yourself- is wanting to mindlessly scroll throw FB going to help my future?  How does doing this contribute to helping me be a better person?  Then click out of the page, tell yourself to focus, and write out a todo list!  That way you have a map of where exactly to navigate your day!

My goal with this social media habit changing adventure is 1)Outside of at work, to only use social media with intention.  Before logging on FB or IG- have an intention!  For example, like five pictures, comment on three, respond to comments.  Or if on FB, before logging on- what do you want to know by browsing?  Look for an event you can goto!  My point is, just do not go on the social media sites without intention!  Have a reason! Otherwise, browsing can really be a time waster and self-esteem blower!  Also, remind yourself that you were fine before knowing what Beyonce wore to the store, and you will still fine without knowing!  If you’re down to join, comment and let’s do this!

Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 11.41.16 PM.png


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