Thinking About Dying Your Hair With Henna?

A couple of years ago, I went from dishwater blonde to radiant red. Boy did I love it, and the compliments that came with it. I would dye my hair with a box dye, in which directly after it would make my hair feel like silk. The days after, my hair overtime of dying it every three weeks started to feel like straw. So, I grew out my dyed red locks and let it grow into my natural ash blonde hue. It is an o.k. hue. Yes, but I always felt vibrant and colorful on the inside, so thought a vibrant hair color to express how I felt on the inside to the outside was appropriate.
Fast forward three years later, I got itchy again to go back to red. I loved having red hair. I researched healthier ways to achieve the shade. Lush Henna Hair color came up. I loved that it was all natural, I had to get it. I bough Cacao Rouge. Bought gloves and a newspaper to put down on the floor as I heard the process of dying your hair with henna is extremely messy, and it sure was. I finished melting down the clay cubes of henna, mixed it up, plopped it on my hair, wrapped my hair in plastic wrap, and went to bed. (Yes it takes a while :))
Six hours later, wake up, wash it out- blow dry my hair and my oh my my hair looked B-E-A-Utiful!!! I have never felt my hair so thick and shiny, EVER!!! I love, love, LOVE Lush Cacao Rouge. After two years of having the same shade though, I got a little bored. I started working as receptionist at a hair salon and would see people walk in and out with such astonishing hair transformations, it made me miss that golden feeling of walking out of a hair salon feeling like a brand new recharged person. I asked one of the stylist’s if she could put some highlights in my hair, and told her my current shade is henna. She stopped in her tracks and replied, “HENNA? Noooo! I cannot touch your hair with dye if you have henna in your hair. I was disappointed but realized after researching that she was right. And it could be serious if you try. The reason is something super scientific, but do not do it. Grow your hair out. Tips on helping the grow out process easier? Check out Sebastian Cellophane Hair Gloss, it really helped my hair transition until the roots grew out enough for my natural hair to blend in with the henna hair color.
I do recommend henna hair color for anyone who wants healthy red hair for a while. I do not recommend henna for anyone with hair ADHD, where you get antsy to change colors often, or you do not like to clean up messes, or you do not have the patience to have hair clay plastic wrapped to your head for four to eight hours. I will say though, Lush Cacao Rouge is a beautiful color!!!! And I go compliments everyday on it!!

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Pastel Skylines

☀️💛🌷💋 Hi! I live in New York City. Here I will provide you my playbook for living a magical cosmopolitan life on a budget as I wrangle through my misadventures of climbing the rusty ladders of life of minimum wage jobs to entrepreneurship! Follow me and let's climb together :) Amy is an American stand-up comic and actor. She's co-creator of YouTube series “Earth To Ellie”. She has taken improv classes at UCB LA, UCB NYC, and The Groundlings. She has worked a variety of jobs to pay her rent to support herself while pursuing her comedy career track, which is a great influence in her comedy. Her voice of optimism, and colorful wonderment is braided into her jokes. She was born and raised in New Jersey. As a kid, spent most of her time in parent's basement playing extravagant episodes of Barbie's and making comedy video's with parent's big camcorder. After high school, she completed a professional acting conservatory program, and has been active in the NYC and LA community since. You can see her performing stand-up nightly around New York City.

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